About Us


The full investigative team of We Want to Believe

Jason Hewlett

Writer/Director/Creator: Jason is a journalist, broadcaster, and podcaster with a degree in filmmaking and film studies. He has more than a decade’s experience as an investigator and researcher. He’s experienced paranormal phenomenon since childhood and went on his first ghost hunt in 2003. Jason conducted his own investigations until joining Vancouver Paranormal Society in 2017, where he is now a lead investigator and society director.

Shawn Knippleberg

Shawn Knippelberg (Music/Executive Producer) is an accomplished musician who scored the feature film The Shelter and the upcoming horror/comedy short Murder for Dummies, Shawn provides the music and sound design for the show. He is a skeptic, atheist and has more than two decades of investigative and evidentiary experience, which he lends to investigations whenever possible. He hopes to keep the rest of this motley crew on track, and ensure the term “evidence” is used properly.

Peter Renn

Lead Investigator/Executive Producer: Peter is president of Vancouver Paranormal Society and has more than 25-years-experience as an investigator. Born in London, England, he’s been fortunate to investigate documented locations all around the world and specializes in negative (demonic) cases. He’s also a documenting investigator for an exorcist in Washington state. Skeptical by nature, Peter looks for a logical explanation first, before jumping to paranormal conclusions.

Marcus Flor

Marcus Flor (Executive Producer/Cinematographer) - Marcus is an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer with a few short films under his belt, and a lot of drive to make it in the film industry. He’s always had a fascination with the strange and supernatural, but no personal experience with it. He sees We Want to Believe as an opportunity to ``peak behind the curtain`` of the paranormal and finally see something for himself.
Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane

Investigator: Sarah is a writer, animal lover, and “clerical hospital wench” who has had a long-running interest in the paranormal. She initially got into the field because it would provide her with opportunities to investigate old heritage sites and learn their stories, as history is another passion of hers. She brings an open-minded skepticism, and quirky sense of humor, to the team, as well as a desire to help others.
Brandon Knippleberg

Brandon Knippleberg

Brandon Knippelberg (Cinematographer) - Brandon is Shawn’s son, and an aspiring musician who also happens to display mad skills behind the camera. Brandon is open minded toward the paranormal, and views his adventures on We Want to Believe as a fun way to explore filmmaking, get out of the house, and have adventures in dark and allegedly scary places.