The Demon Jar: Part Two: The Room Investigations

The Demon Jar: Part Two: The Room Investigations

We dive into the week with Episode # 2 of our our paranormal investigation¬†webseries¬†WE WANT TO BELIEVE. It is now online and you can spook the embed above to take a gander at our team of experts as they take it to the next level in terms of their “Demon Jar” investigation! Here’s the full episode synopsis for you to get an idea as to what you’re in for…

The investigation at the allegedly haunted hotel begins, as lead investigator Peter Renn splits the team up to best cover the most ground. We learn more about the hotel, its history, and how a paranormal investigation is conducted. Jason, Sarah and Marcus explore a couple of rooms, while Peter, Shawn and Brandon tackle a few others. Things slowly begin to happen, and build to a startling discovery.



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May 8, 2017