The Demon Jar: Part 3: The Room Investigations Part II

The Demon Jar: Part 3: The Room Investigations Part II

And “looking for them pesky ghosts” continues in Episode #3 of our our paranormal investigation webseries WE WANT TO BELIEVE. The Demon Jar case is almost coming to a close with one more episode to go until our team moves on to yet another spooky investigation (details to come next time), till then will Jason Hewlett, Peter Renn, Sarah Jane and company find further proof of supernatural shenanigans at play in this creepy ass Hotel? Click the embed above and find out! Needless to say, if you missed Episode 1 and Episode 2 – give them a whirl before taking this one on. Here’s the synopsis for this week’s episode


The Demon Jar Part Three: The Room Investigations Continues – Peter, Jason and the team continue their investigation at the allegedly haunted hotel, and evidence begins to present itself. Peter captures a startling voice on the Spirit Box that might tie into a number of incidents at the hotel. And Jason and Sarah pick up what could be a woman’s voice whispering to them in one of the rooms. But is this real evidence of ghostly activity? Or can it be easily explained away?




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May 8, 2017